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At Palms Aesthetics Clinic we are passionate about, providing our clients with the care, service, and products that make them not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. Our goal is to help our clients enhance their natural beauty and ignite new levels of confidence.

We pride ourselves on providing superior service medical-grade products and a divine experience that exceeds all expectations. It is our mission to help our clients wake up feeling and looking their best every day.

Since opening our doors Palms Aesthetics Clinic has proudly offered medical aesthetic services, advanced skin care, body treatments, and a remarkable beauty and wellness experience that is customized and tailor-made to our client's goals and needs.

Partnering with highly respected plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals, Palms Aesthetics Clinic is dedicated to offering a full suite of skin, body, surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to enhance our clients' natural beauty, all while creating a lush empowering, calming, and peaceful experience.

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Dr Haneen Al-Gerrah

Palms Aesthetics Clinic was founded by Dr. Haneen

Al-Gerrah and Dr.Dhafer Abood. Dr.Haneen is a highly-skilled, dedicated, and compassionate aesthetics

injector, specializing in anti-wrinkle treatments,

dermal fillers and fat dissolving injections.

She graduated from Dubai Medical College

and completed her Family medicine residency

at Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario.

Dr.Haneen strongly believes in the concept of 

continuity of care and building a trusted doctor 

patient relationship. 

Highly trained and experienced in cosmetic injections,

Dr. Haneen loves nothing more than seeing her patients look and feel their best. Her goal at Palms Aesthetics 

Clinic is to create a welcoming environment for all her clients to enhance their beauty and empower them to take pride in the way they look.

enhancing your natural beauty


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